Falcons' Matt Ryan: NFL's best QB?

With all due respect to New Orleans’ Drew Brees, you can make a case he’s not the best quarterback in the NFC South.

Instead, you can make the case that Atlanta’s Matt Ryan is. Heck, if you go by one measure, Ryan is the best quarterback in the entire league.

Through the first three weeks of the season, Ryan’s 91.6 Total QBR is the best in the league and no one else is even close. Indianapolis' Andrew Luck is second at 82.0.

Going only on Total QBR, Brees isn’t even the second-best quarterback in the NFC South. Carolina’s Cam Newton is. He’s No. 21 in the league with a 51.8 Total QBR.

Brees is No. 27 with a 34.9 Total QBR. A score of 50 is considered average. Brees is joined in the below-average category by Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman, who is No. 32 overall at 26.8. By the way, Freeman turned in a dismal 5.3 Total QBR in Sunday’s loss to Dallas.