Saints not alone in bounty charges

Ever since March 2, when the NFL first publicly accused the New Orleans Saints of running a bounty program, I’ve heard a lot of common refrains.

One of them has been, “Oh, that happens everywhere."

I kept waiting to hear that another NFL team was running a bounty program, but that never really happened. But it turns out the Saints might not have been the only defense allegedly running a bounty program.

There are now reports that the Tustin (Calif.) Junior Pee Wee Cobras, a team of mainly 10- and 11-year-olds, allegedly ran a bounty program last year. A group of parents are claiming that the head coach and an assistant coach offered cash for knocking opponents out of playoff games.

The head coach and the league president have been suspended as Pop Warner officials investigate.

Speaking of common refrains, let’s see if the next steps by the Cobras are to deny everything, appeal everything, demand to see the evidence, look for "snitches'' and blame everything on Roger Goodell.