Mailbag: Atlanta Falcons edition

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

We’ll start off our series of team-by-team mailbags with the Atlanta Falcons. I’m going in alphabetical order (by city) this time around.

Sharell in Raleigh writes: HI PY...I believe it was last year and you did an unsung hero section. You need to give kudos to WR Michael Jenkins. That play that he outran the SF defenders on Roddy White's 90 yard TD. He quietly goes about his business and produces on the field. I think defenders would be crazy to just only think about, White, Gonzalez and Turner.

Pat Yasinskas: I know you’re a very loyal Atlanta fan and you’re also a very perceptive one. You make an excellent point. Michael Jenkins is an unsung, and valuable, player. With Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez around him, Jenkins doesn’t always get the chance to put up big numbers. But he does all the little things and is one of the best blocking receivers in the league. He also can make some catches when needed. With him and Roddy White locked up for the long term, the Falcons are in good shape at receiver for years to come.

Mitch in Boulder, Colo. writes: Pat, what do you think Arthur Blank's chances of success are in getting a new stadium? And when?

Pat Yasinskas: When the Falcons first started making noise about a new stadium, I thought they weren’t picking a very good time because of the economy. But I thought about it a little more and it makes sense. Blank is trying to be proactive. The Georgia Dome is getting older and he’s not exaggerating when he says the Falcons eventually will need a new stadium to be competitive. These days, a lot of it is about club suites and luxury boxes. Blank’s moving methodically on this and he’s been quoted as saying he’d like a stadium in seven years. Given the way the Falcons have been playing since last season and the fact they’ve got a young and likeable team, I think they will end up with a new stadium.

Patrick in Atlanta writes: Saw a lot of Jamaal Anderson at DT, and Biermann at DE vs SF. JA appeared to play well, your thoughts? What do we do with his contract if he does move to DT permanently. We can't pay him 8th overall DE money as a DT. Lower the offer and let him walk if he doesn't like it?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, I thought Anderson did a pretty nice job at defensive tackle last week and I think you’ll see more of that going forward. Kroy Biermann has shown he can make plays at end and Anderson fills a big need at tackle. We’ll see how Anderson does the rest of the season before speculating on a potential pay cut and the Falcons will have Peria Jerry back at tackle next season. But I think, for the moment, playing Anderson inside is a good move for him and the Falcons.

Jarek in Atlanta writes: Pat i love you blog and your chat, thanks for doing a great job. I read the transcript from the October 15 chat and i want to ask you about your comments regarding the Falcons O=line. I am growing a little tired of the overachieving phrase that people keep throwing out about the Falcons. I understand that you don’t feel the falcons have alot of blue chip talent, but what team does have a O-Line full of 1st rounders expect the Jets, and that can be expensive. Last year we overachieved but to have consistent success means that there is talent and the coach is bringing out that talent. It is not the Falcons fault that previous O-Line coaches didn’t bring out the best in Dahl. That is the function of a GM to find potential talent and the job of the Coaches to bring out that talent= a nice recipe for success not overachieving. Thanks for listening/reading.

Pat Yasinskas: Your points are taken. I meant it as a compliment when I said Atlanta’s offensive line has overachieved. Left tackle Sam Baker’s the only high draft pick among the bunch, but they’ve played very well and Harvey Dahl is a prime example of that. Maybe using the phrase overachieving doesn’t really apply anymore and maybe they’re just plain good. Whatever, I give a lot of credit to offensive line coach Paul Boudreau for making this unit work. I got to know Boudreau when he worked in Carolina and I think he’s one of the best offensive line coaches in the league.