Film of the NFC South chat

We had perhaps the most explosive NFC South chat in the history of NFC South chats on Friday afternoon.

That’s why I’m going to break from our routine of showing you two or three highlights per team and show you two highlights that dominated the chat.

There was nearly a catastrophic moment in the final 15 minutes of the chat. That was totally my fault and I hope I didn’t set off any panic in Atlanta when I mistyped my answer:

Brad (Atlanta): My friend said Matt Ryan wouldn't resign with the Falcons. Is he as crazy as I think he is?

Pat Yasinskas: I wouldn't be totally shocked if Ryan does not re-sign with Falcons.

Regular chat participant CC from Atlanta quickly jumped in before I realized I’d made a mistake.

CC (Atlanta): So you think Ryan will leave? What on earth makes you think that??

Pat Yasinskas: Assume you're asking that of the person that asked the question. See NO way Ryan leaves. Has great relationship with owner, coach and GM and seems totally happy in Atlanta.

CC then made note of what I initially typed and I then realized my mistake.

But we still had a few more fires to put out.

Brad (Atlanta): Follow up to Ryan re-signing question: Would you not be shocked cause he wouldn't be offered enough? What would you think would cause him not to re-sign?

Pat Yasinskas: No, as CC helped me clarify, I WOULD BE TOTALLY SHOCKED if Ryan left Falcons. No way I see him leaving. I mistyped my original answer.

Greg (Austin): So piggybacking off the other question, if Ryan does continue to play at this level and wins MVP and playoff games, what kind of contract do you see Matt Ryan getting?

Pat Yasinskas: Something pretty close to what Brees got.

Our other hot topic was the result of my Thursday column on Cam Newton, which was not a mistake, although some readers seemed to disagree, while others agreed.

Eric (Raleigh, NC): Pat, Haven't you been the one that is telling people to be patient with Cam Newton? Yesterday's article you wrote calling Cam childish was a little ridiculous in my opinion. The kid is 23 years old and frankly regardless of the position he plays he shouldn't be asked to lead a franchise at this point? I would prefer it if Cam got rid of his mopey, pouting ways too but I think you went out of bounds with that piece. You made it sound like he is a very me first player. The fact of the matter is that he has always owned up to his mistakes and has never pointed the finger at his teammates. To me that is more important than making you press clowns wait until he calms down after a heartbreaking loss to talk to them.

Pat Yasinskas: I think he's wonderfully talented, but after watching him the last two games, I think he really needs to get a grip on his emotions.

Sean (Colorado): Jumping in late but to Eric leading off the chat, absolutely Cam needs to lead the franchise as their starting quarterback. While some veterans like Smith, Kahlil, etc, have tried to get him to level off his emotions, a team's attitude is only as strong as the guy under center. When things go right (like celebrating his TD down 26-7 against the Giants) or wrong (ie- towel on head, moping after his picks), his energy has a huge effect on the rest of the team and he should act like it. Great talent, not there yet. Good stuff Pat.

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, just think he needs to act with a little more balance.

Charles (Wilmington): Pat, I appreciated your article on Newton and agree. We need him to be more balanced and less standoffish in order to become a leader. He's young, but there are younger guys in the league that already seem to be a bit more mature. While Cam needs some time to level out, do you think that Coach Rivera is enough of an emotional leader? Our sidelines often resemble a line at a wake.

Pat Yasinskas: I think Rivera is a good coach and a good leader. He's a former player, so he should know what it takes to motivate players.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.