Saints still rank last in defense

Despite getting their first win of the season Sunday night against San Diego, the New Orleans Saints still have the league’s worst defense.

That’s according to the NFL rankings, which came out Monday morning.

The Saints are No. 32 overall, No. 29 against the pass and No. 32 against the run.

They’ve got some NFC South company near the bottom. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are No. 27 overall (No. 32 against the pass and No. 4 against the run). The Carolina Panthers are No. 23 overall (23rd against the run and No. 19 against the pass).

The Atlanta Falcons continue to have the division’s top-rated defense. The Falcons are No. 17 overall (No. 27 against the run and No. 7 against the pass).

The Saints have the division’s top-rated offense. The Saints are No. 5 overall (No. 1 in passing and No. 28 in rushing).

The Falcons are No. 12 in overall offense (21st in rushing and seventh in passing). The Panthers are No. 22 (14th in rushing and No. 21 in passing).

The Buccaneers are No. 30 in total offense (No. 23 in rushing and No. 30 in passing).