Saints and Falcons have 'the drops'

The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints have one thing in common.

They lead the NFL in dropped passes, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Falcons and Saints each have 15 drops.

That hasn’t been a problem for the Buccaneers and Panthers, who each have six drops.

Let’s take a little closer look at what’s going wrong for the Falcons and Saints in this department.

Atlanta’s Julio Jones is second in the league with five drops, only one behind Dallas’ Jason Witten. Jones easily has been the biggest culprit for the Falcons. Tony Gonzalez and Michael Turner each have two drops. Roddy White, who led the league with 15 drops last season, has only one. Same for Harry Douglas, Jacquizz Rodgers and Lousaka Polite.

But here’s the one that really jumped out at me about the Falcons. Joe Hawley has dropped the two passes he’s been thrown, which begs one question -- why are the Falcons throwing to Joe Hawley? I know he’s had to play a little at fullback and tight end due to some injuries. But Hawley’s an offensive lineman. I don’t care if he’s wide open, you don’t even throw the ball in his direction.

The Saints are getting their drops mostly from strength in numbers. Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston each have four drops, which ties them with a bunch of other players for third in the league. Darren Sproles and Lance Moore each have three drops. Joseph Morgan has New Orleans’ other drop.