Matt Bosher is Punter of the Week

As I watched Atlanta’s Matt Bosher on Sunday, I couldn’t help but think how patience paid off for the Falcons.

Early last season, a lot of fans were screaming for the Falcons to dump their rookie punter. His punts were short and so were his kickoffs. But the Falcons had a draft pick invested in him and were stuck with him. It started to pay off as last season went on, but Bosher is really blossoming this season.

Each week since the start of last season, ESPN’s Mark Simon has picked a Punter of the Week. His choice for this week is Bosher and you can’t argue with that.

Bosher averaged 52.8 yards per punt both gross and net in Sunday’s victory against Oakland. Bosher’s four punts went 55, 45, 57 and 54 yards.

The 52.8-yard net average was the best for any NFL punter this past week and the best for any punter this season (minimum four punts). It is tied for third-best by any punter in the last five seasons.

Complete net punting data dates back to 1991. Bosher’s 52.8 net average is the best for any Atlanta punter in that span.