NFC South evening update

Time for a look at the top headlines from around the division:


Atlanta cornerback Asante Samuel, apparently still miffed that Philadelphia’s Andy Reid reportedly said he was in steep decline, took some shots at his former coach via Twitter. I understand Samuel is a guy with a lot of pride. But this came on the day Reid fired his defensive coordinator. Just kind of gives the image that Samuel’s kicking Reid while he’s down. The better tact might have been to stay silent and then go up to Philadelphia after the bye week and have the last laugh with an interception or two. Might just be me, but I think that's a higher road than Twitter and I have my doubts that Reid even follows Twitter.


Carolina safety Sherrod Martin was the first player to be featured in USA Football’s “Ask a Player’’ segment.

The Panthers shook up their practice squad by swapping one offensive lineman for another.


A federal judge has ordered NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to hand over documents related to the league’s investigation of the Saints’ alleged bounty program. This is part of the discovery process in the defamation lawsuit New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma brought against Goodell.


Dory LeBlanc writes about how Tiquan Underwood may be emerging as Tampa Bay’s No. 3 receiver. The Bucs have Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams as their top two receivers, but they’ve been looking for a third guy. Underwood has done the most to stand out so far.