The cost of Ray Edwards

Although he already has been released, defensive end Ray Edwards still will cost the Atlanta Falcons $4.65 million against the 2013 salary cap.

The Falcons are off the hook for the $5.5 million in base salary that Edwards was scheduled to earn next year. But the $4.65 million figure represents the outstanding portions of his pro-rated signing bonus and option bonus and all of that will be accelerated toward the 2013 cap. Edwards had been scheduled to count $7.05 million toward next year’s cap prior to his release.

Edwards still will count $3.315 million toward this year’s cap. But that number is down from the $4.55 million he would have cost if he spent the whole season with the Falcons.

All totaled, Edwards received $10,764,705.88 from the Falcons for playing in 25 games and producing 3.5 sacks.