Clinching scenarios for Atlanta Falcons

Every year about this time, the NFL starts sending out e-mails that detail scenarios for teams to clinch division titles and/or playoff berths.

The first came last week and it was very short, with only one scenario involving the Houston Texans. But this week’s e-mail just came and it had an NFC portion.

The Atlanta Falcons can clinch both a playoff spot and the NFC South title by the end of this weekend.

The 10-1 Falcons can clinch the NFC South title if they beat the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night and Tampa Bay either ties with or loses to Denver on Sunday. The Falcons also can clinch the division if they tie with New Orleans and Tampa Bay loses.

There also are two scenarios for the Falcons to clinch a playoff spot. The first would require an Atlanta win and a loss or tie by Seattle. The second would be if Atlanta ties with New Orleans, plus Seattle and Minnesota both lose.