Smith on how Falcons decide on no-huddle offense

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

I just got off the phone with Atlanta coach Mike Smith. Our conversation mostly was about a topic I’ll be writing about Friday, but I took a couple of minutes at the end to go off track and ask Smith a couple of other questions.

One frequent question I’ve been getting from a bunch of readers is, why don’t the Falcons seem to be running the no-huddle offense as much as they did last year? I put the question to Smith and he pointed out that the Falcons probably have used the no-huddle offense at least as much as or more than they did to this point last season.

“We started running no huddle in fourth game last year against Carolina,’’ Smith said.

Smith acknowledged the Falcons may not seem like they’re using that offense as much as they did later last year, but he said that’s because of the defensive matchups they’ve faced so far. He wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the Falcons using more of the no-huddle system as the season goes on.

“That’s something we discuss every week as a staff going into a game,’’ Smith said. “We determine how much, when and where and under what circumstances we’re doing to run it. It really is done with a week-to-week analysis and a lot depends on who we’re playing and their defense. If we feel it gives us an advantage, it will be in the game plan.’’