Halftime thoughts: Buccaneers-Broncos

If you’re not watching the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos, you might want to get to a television quickly.

The Bucs are in position to pull off an upset that could mark a key turning point for a team with a first-year head coach and a young roster. At halftime, the Bucs have a 10-7 lead.

Although the Bucs went into Denver with a depleted secondary, it hasn’t been exploited all that much by Peyton Manning. The defense has performed better than anyone realistically could have expected. That’s largely due to the Tampa Bay offense, which has done a nice job eating up the clock and keeping Manning and the Denver offense off the field.

Time will tell if the Bucs can pull this one off. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Bucs in the comments section below.

I'll be back with a wrap-up soon after the game ends.