Drew Brees not turning cautious

Coming off the first five-interception game of his career, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees said he isn’t suddenly going to change his mentality.

“You stay aggressive,’’ Brees told the New Orleans media Wednesday. “You stay confident. If you don’t have trust and confidence in this league as a quarterback you can’t play. I understand the importance of taking care of the football. I understand the percentages and the odds for teams that have it taken away and ones that protect it. The last two weeks, the amount of turnovers can’t happen. It’s something I have to fix. I’m doing my best to do that. As far as being cautious or conservative, that’s not going to happen.”

I wouldn’t expect Brees to say anything else. Still, you have to wonder how a guy that’s been one of the league’s most efficient quarterbacks in recent years will bounce back from a game in which the Falcons picked him off five times. And you have to worry about it becoming a trend because Brees had two interceptions returned for touchdowns by San Francisco in the game before that.

“I probably hung onto that Atlanta loss a little bit more than normal because we had more time,’’ Brees said. “I dug deep to find where I can make the corrections, we can make the corrections and how we can move on from that. Obviously, we’re in a situation this season where the margin for error is very tight. We understand that if we want a shot at postseason play, we have to win out.’’

There’s no room for mistakes when the Saints play the New York Giants on Sunday. But don’t count on Brees to take a cautious approach.