Film of the NFC South chat

We had lots of good questions in Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a team-by-team look at some of the highlights:


Eric S (Saint Petersburg, FL): Pat-A local columnist basically said that the Bucs should extend Josh Freeman now. I definitely agree. Do you see this happening in the near future or will they wait a yr to decide on him?

Pat Yasinskas: I've been saying the same thing for weeks -- or more. It's time to lock him up. Imagine they'll try to do it after the season. Also makes sense from a cap standpoint. He's got a big cap figure in 2013. They can probably knock it down with a new deal.

Brian (CT): With the bucs biggest need secondary do you think they will try and make another splash in free agency and go after DRC or someone like that or will they focus mainly on the draft

PY: They clearly have to address CB in the offseason and probably have to add several. Imagine at least one will come in free agency. But I wouldn't count on Bucs making the big splash like they did last year in free agency. They're not going to have nearly as much cap room.


matt (tupelo) [via mobile]: I know the defence needs work for sure but I think the wr core needs work to whst about you?

PY: Assume you're talking Saints. Yep, I think they need to add a little there in offseason. Colston and Henderson aren't getting any younger. Not saying they're done by any means, but Saints need to start addressing that spot for future.

Yone (New Orleans): As a Saints fan I've come to accept that the 2012 season only has 4 games left and there won't be a postseason for us. Any advice on what to watch for these last 4 games to keep it interesting?

PY: Keep an eye on the younger defensive players. Some of those guys can decide their futures with how they play in the final four games.


CB (Charleston): Panther fans want Rivera gone....but who are they going to bring in to replace him? I feel like the Panthers are simply a few players away from being a very good team. Nearly all of their losses come last second. this from a Falcons fan....

PY: Tell that to Jerry Richardson. I get the impression he doesn't have as much patience as you do.

Ron (High Point,NC): My list of "goners" from panthers roster next year: Beason, Williams (or Stewart), Gamble, Sherrod Martin, then possibly Gross. Your assessment?

PY: I'm with you on most of that. But maybe not Gross. He may be older, but it's difficult to get a left tackle, especially when you have other needs. He might stick around for another year.


Green (Georgia): do you believe even if the falcons win in the playoffs this year, will they finally earned that national respect or will the media and fans alike say they were just lucky.

PY: I think one, maybe two, postseason wins would settle that question.

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, Ga): Pat, I'm glad to hear that Smith might be limiting Turner's carries even further, and I like Quizz as a change of pace back, but do you think he can really be a feature back based on what we've seen so far?

PY: Like what I've seen from him and like the way they keep easing him in more and more. But not sure if he can be THE GUY all by himself. Might be a situation where they need to team him with someone.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.