Greg Hardy not done with Falcons

Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy missed an opportunity to gloat Sunday when he left the locker room before the media entered.

But Hardy made up for it Wednesday. Hardy said last week the Panthers were a better team than the Falcons and he and his teammates proved that for at least one day with Sunday’s 30-20 victory against Atlanta.

On Wednesday, Hardy showed up in the locker room and gave the media some more gems directed at the Falcons -- mostly Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant, who reportedly told Hardy he could watch the Falcons in the playoffs.

“I told him politely to remove himself from our facility because it was time to go, and he invited me to come watch him in January,” Hardy said in a sarcastic tone. “It was a nice conversation.”

Hardy then took the kind of shot that hasn’t been heard about a kicker since the days when punter Todd Sauerbrun constantly was sending volleys at the Gramatica brothers.

“I really didn't know who [Bryant] was,’’ Hardy said. “He was so small and weird shaped, I was trying to figure out what he did. I found out when I looked online that he was a kicker. I was a little shocked.”