Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at some of the highlights of Friday’s NFC South chat:


Thomas (Dalton, Ga.): I like Matt Ryan but why does he not want to throw to anyone except the big three or a running back? Are the rest of the receivers that bad or does he just lack confidence in them?

Pat Yasinskas: Don't think the rest of the receivers are all that good.

Bill (GA): Will Jaquizz be #1 back with Atl next year? he's proven to be effective when given the oppourtutnity.

PY: I think you might see Jacquizz in tandem with a new back that's brought in either through draft or free agency.


Will (Davie County, NC): In Rivera's presser early this week, he referred to Cam Newton and Luke Kuechley in glowing terms "we have the QBs of our offense and defense" - strongest words yet to indicate Luke is a lock to keep the MLB spot. So what do you think happens w/ Beason this offseason.

PY: I suspect Beason, like a lot of Carolina veterans, will either have to restructure his contract or be released.

JM (Charlotte): Even if Carolina finishes on the upswing, do you think Rivera deserves to keep his job? We all know how bad the Panthers have looked for most of this year...

PY: Think it's a tough call. They've had some tough breaks and lost a lot of close games. Think the owner likes Rivera. Also think they may hesitate a little to change coaching staffs because Cam would have to start over with a new offense. But they've got to play well in next three for Rivera to have a chance.


Thomas (Dalton, Ga.): Vilma and others have claimed to be vindicated by the decision of Tagliuebue. But the truth is he said they were guilty of what Goodell claimed but their coaches used every trick to protect and cover for them. I can't see how that comes out as vindication unless it was all about the money and not their integrity from the beginning.

PY: Agree. There was no vindication. Basically, it's like the players were pulled over for speeding and the radar gun said they were way over the speed limit. But they ended up just getting a warning.

John (Lafayette): I disagree. I think Tagliabue found the allegations were without merit, i.e., the evidence wasn't there; however, Tabliabue said what he said in hopes of providing defamation defense since his law firm is providing Goodell's defense in that case as well.

PY: Did you read what Tagliabue said? He said he found all the facts to be correct, except for Fujuita's involvement.


Nicolas (Parkland, FL) [via mobile]: Does Doug Martin have a chance to be the Offensive Rookie of the year since he is second in the league in rushing yards and touchdowns?

PY: Probably difficult for him to win due to the QBs. But no doubt he's had an excellent rookie season.

Jeff (ABQ): My question: Does Tampa need to wrap their heads around the fact that Josh Freeman probably isn't a high percentage guy when he's at his best? Will they extend him?

PY: Yes, they'll extend him. They already realize he's not going to be a high percentage guy. They're offense isn't conducive to having a high percentage passer.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.