Film of the NFC South chat

Before I head out to begin my trip to Detroit for Saturday night's game between the Falcons and Lions, let's take a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat:


Richard (chino valley az): When the falcons win on saturday, do you think they rest the starters for the bucs or do you think that they will value momentum and play everyone?

Pat Yasinskas: Think they'd probably treat it like a preseason game -- play the starters the first half and maybe even into the early part of the third quarter.

Rob (Atlanta): Do you think the Falcons will make Sam Baker an offer?

PY: I think so. He's had a decent season and they've got other needs they'll have to fill in the draft or free agency.


Will (Davie County): So I think Rivera's "2013 Head Coach-o-meter" is registering around 50%. You leaning higher or lower?

PY: I'm right about with you. If they play well in final two, I think he stays.

Justin Potter (Deep Run, NC): What do you see the panthers doing in free agency this year? With or without beane? I think we need to be more agressive in free agency for once, last time i think we did anything good in fa was when we signed Mike Wahle and ken lucas.

PY: Yeah and did Wahle and Lucas really work out for you? They both were gone within a couple of years.


Rob (Atlanta): Should Saints fans be hoping for a loss to Dallas this Sunday? The way I see it if Dallas misses the post season then Sean Payton will strongly consider the head coaching job at Dallas.

PY: It certainly would increase the possibility of Payton staying in New Orleans if Garrett keeps his job.

Paul (Menifee, CA): How do you rank the running backs the Saints running backs going into 2013?

PY: Ingram, Thomas and Ivory. Sproles is so versatile that I don't count him as purely a running back.


EastEndBoy (DC): Is the psychological benefit for the Bucs of winning the last two games worth the cost of potentially getting a top-10 draft pick if they lose them instead?

PY: Honestly, I think they'd be better off winning out and carrying some positive momentum toward next season.

Bennie (Tampa): A lot of people lately is saying that Josh Freeman is similar to Mark Sanchez in that he has never been and will never be an accurate passer? Do you agree with that?

PY: Freeman never is going to be a 70-percent passer. That's not his game and it's not Tampa Bay's offense. But he's got to be more accurate than he's been in recent weeks.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.