Could Ray Edwards haunt Falcons?

The Atlanta Falcons may not have seen the last of Ray Edwards, the high-priced defensive end they released in November.

Edwards reportedly worked out for the Seattle Seahawks on Monday and the team is expected to make a decision on whether to sign him Wednesday.

Signed as a free agent in 2011, Edwards was supposed to be the perfect complement to John Abraham, but it never came close to working out that way. Edwards had a disappointing first season with the Falcons and then things only got worse. He lost his starting job to Kroy Biermann early this season.

All indications are that Edwards did not handle the demotion well and, fearing he was becoming a problem in the locker room, the Falcons released him.

But the Falcons soon could see Edwards again if he signs with Seattle. It’s possible the Falcons could face the Seahawks in the playoffs.

Could Edwards give the Seahawks an edge? He might have some extra motivation to go against the team that cut him. But what have we really seen out of Edwards as a player to make us believe he’s capable of doing anything special?

You could also speculate that Edwards could give the Seahawks some “insider information’’ on the Falcons. It’s possible he could share a tidbit or two, but another reason the Falcons parted ways with Edwards was because they didn’t think he was exactly a student of the game.