Film of the NFC South chat

We held our final NFC South chat of the regular season on Friday (don’t worry, we’ll still do the chat for all of the postseason and most of the offseason). Let’s take a look at some of the team-by-team highlights.


Anthony (NJ): Would the Falcons make Matt Ryan the highest paid nfl player if he wins a playoff game?

Pat Yasinskas: I think so. He's put himself in line for that and a postseason win (or two) would only seal the deal.

Kevin (Valdosta, Ga): Pat- Any chance Mike Smith loses his job if the Falcons are one and out in the playoffs?

Pat Yasinskas: I don't think so. The man has won a ton of regular-season games. However, if that does happen, he then is under enormous pressure to win big in 2013 season.


Rod (Tarboro): If Ron Rivera is let go, do you think the panthers will be the desirable team that coaches will be aiming for?

Pat Yasinskas: Absolutely. There's a potential franchise QB already on the roster and a fair amount of other talent. And Charlotte is a good place to live.

JM (Charlotte ): Have you heard who is being considered in the panthers gm search?

Pat Yasinskas: Dave Gettleman is the one name I keep hearing. But I've also been told not to be surprised if they make interim GM Brandon Beane the permanent GM.


matt(tupelo) [via mobile]: I think we all know big changes are coming to the saintswhich big name do you see gone first?

Pat Yasinskas: Vilma and Smith would free up a lot of cap room.

Casona (Houston): Aside from getting Payton in the fold, what are the Saint's priorities in the offseason?

Pat Yasinskas: Overhaul the D-line, improve the secondary and get some younger legs at WR. Also, have to make a big decision on if they're going to pay Bushrod or get a left tackle somewhere else.


RJ (Ft. Drum, NY): Pat, do you think this could be it for Freeman, or do they give him one more season. There is really nobody coming out in the draft. Or, could they maybe go after Flynn or Vick?

Pat Yasinskas: Think they give him one more season. But could bring in a better alternative than Orlovsky.

Phil (West Palm Beach): Now that Jackson and Nicks have restructured their contracts and with the impending releases of Trueblood, Black, and Wright (since he voided his contract and doesn't count against the cap next year), will they sign any major free agents?

Pat Yasinskas: They're going to have some room to work with. Not sure it will be as dramatic a free agency period as last year, but think they'll be reasonably active.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.