Mike Nolan also draws interest

As the Atlanta Falcons get ready for the postseason, they suddenly have a lot of potential distractions.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has become the latest Atlanta assistant to get an interview for a position as a head coach. Nolan reportedly will interview in Philadelphia. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and special-teams coordinator Keith Armstrong also will be interviewing for spots.

Since the Falcons have a bye this week, their assistants are allowed to interview.

Koetter, Nolan and Armstrong are all dedicated professionals and I’m sure they’ll do their best to fulfill their duties to the Falcons this week. But that’s not going to be easy to juggle the interviews with their regular duties.

The fact they’re interviewing also could cause some distractions for the players. But, if the Falcons really are going to make a deep playoff run, they have to be able to handle distractions.