Steve Young: Falcons have lots at stake

ESPN analyst Steve Young made a great point when he talked about what’s at stake for the Atlanta Falcons in the postseason.

“Everyone in the playoffs, everyone has sudden death, but maybe there's just more here and more than any other team, more can be gained by the Falcons than anybody else in the playoffs,’’ Young said Thursday in a conference call with the national media.

Young is exactly right. The Falcons do have more at stake than any other team in the playoffs. That’s due to the fact that they haven’t won a playoff game in the Mike Smith-Matt Ryan era. Just about the whole world knows that and there’s a lot of pressure on the Falcons to show that they really can win when it matters.

Young said that pressure might be a good thing and he pointed to last year’s 24-2 playoff loss to the New York Giants as something that might motivate the Falcons when they host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

“I just think you're going to -- what happened last year -- and you're going to see overzealousness that I think will pay off," Young said. “The fact that they scored two points, we've been hearing that. They won game after game this fall and even people at home were saying, “Oh yeah, but you scored two in January"."

Young said the Falcons have the opportunity to silence their critics once and for all.

“The fact that their coach is 0‑3 and the history of the Falcons, I think this is the chance," Young said. “This is the moment. This is the one, so you're going to see a ferocity from them. There's not going to be an inch that they’re going to give."