'Cajun Cannon' picks the 49ers

NEW ORLEANS -- I caught up with former New Orleans and Atlanta quarterback (and local radio host) Bobby Hebert during the San Francisco portion of Super Bowl media day.

I talked to him about matters involving a couple of projects that will run later in the week. But I also asked him for his prediction and thoughts on the game. I can share that part with you now.

“A lot of Saints fans are cheering for the Ravens,’’ Hebert said. “They view Baltimore as a blue-collar port city like New Orleans.’’

Although Hebert is deeply rooted in New Orleans, he’s taking a different route than the locals.

“But I personally know (San Francisco coach) Jim Harbaugh from when he was at the University of Michigan and I was playing for the Michigan Panthers,’’ Hebert said. “The Lions wouldn’t let us use their facility, so we went to Ann Arbor. So I know Jim and I just think the 49ers are the better team overall. I think it will be a close game because we usually have close Super Bowls here. I’ll take the 49ers by a field goal.’’