Do players 'sign up' for dangers?

NEW ORLEANS -- Part of my assignment here is to help cover the 49ers and Ravens. But I wrote a news story earlier Tuesday that I think impacts the NFC South -- and really the game of football at all levels.

While repeatedly saying he and other players “sign up’’ for all sorts of health issues by playing in the NFL, Baltimore safety Ed Reed was asked if the late Junior Seau signed up for what happened to him.

Police say Seau committed suicide and reports have said his brain showed damage consistent with repeated concussions.

“Did he sign up for it?’’ Reed said. “Yeah, he signed up for it.’’

Reed then continued to repeatedly say he and all players accept the potential dangers of a violent game.

“Junior gave everything he had to football,’’ Reed said. “I’m sure he’s looking down and has no regrets.’’

Reed, who has been in the league since 2002, admitted he may already be paying a price.

“I feel effects from it,’’ Reed said. “Some days, I wake up and I’m like, 'Where did my memory go?' But I signed up for it.’’

I’m working on a much bigger project for the coming days that’s related to this topic. But, for right now, let’s hear your opinions in the comments section below.

Do players really “sign up’’ for serious medical issues?