NFC South evening update

NEW ORLEANS -- Let's take a run through the day's headlines from around the division:


With Joe Flacco in the Super Bowl, you knew this question was going to come up. Did the Falcons make the right decision in drafting Matt Ryan over Flacco in 2008? I still say they did. But every time Flacco takes the Ravens deep into the postseason and Ryan doesn’t do the same with the Falcons, the argument for Flacco is going to get stronger.


Baltimore wide receiver Jacoby Jones said he almost signed with the Panthers as a free agent in the offseason. I don’t know that Jones would have made a major difference if he had come to Carolina. I think the Panthers viewed him as nothing more than a No. 3 receiver because they already had settled on Brandon LaFell as the No. 2 guy.


Quarterback Drew Brees made an excellent point when he said the key to the Saints’ switch to a 3-4 defense will be executing it. I don’t know that the Saints currently have the personnel to successfully play a 3-4. But, then again, I don’t think they had the personnel to properly run the 4-3 last season.

Tight end Jimmy Graham says he is recovering well from wrist surgery. I think Graham’s wrist injury was a bigger factor than he ever let on last season and may have been part of the reason he had so many drops.


The Bucs have hired Tony Oden as defensive backs coach. He has his work cut out for him. The Bucs ranked No. 32 in pass defense last season. They’re likely to bring in several new cornerbacks and may have to replace safety Ronde Barber if he decides to retire.