Who's better than Dan Orlovsky?

Right after the regular season ended, Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano caused a bit of a stir when he said he’d like to bring in some competition for quarterback Josh Freeman.

Any time there’s talk of movement at the quarterback position, people tend to get excited. But, as I look at the crop of free-agent quarterbacks, I can feel my pulse slow. Aside from Joe Flacco, who is not going to get out of Baltimore, there’s absolutely nothing to get excited about.

Byron Leftwich? Josh Johnson? Luke McCown? Bruce Gradkowski?

They’ve all cycled through Tampa Bay once, and the Bucs don’t need to take a step back.

Matt Leinart? Brady Quinn? David Carr?

They’re all busts, high draft picks that have turned out to be nothing more than backups.

Is there any potential free agent out there that really would be much of an upgrade over current backup Dan Orlovsky?

The only two guys I’m seeing that intrigue me (just a little) are Jason Campbell and Matt Moore. I thought Campbell never really got a fair shake in his Washington days. Moore’s not going to wow anyone. But when he’s had the chance to play in Miami and Carolina, he’s shown some intangibles. Given the right circumstances, I think Campbell and Moore would at least have a shot at succeeding if they ended up as a starter.

There’s no doubt the current list of free agents will grow as teams release players before the start of free agency. And there could be some decent quarterbacks available via trade (Alex Smith?). The draft also is an option, but this isn’t the best year to be looking for a quarterback.

This will play out in time, and like I said, the pool could get deeper. But, for right now, the Bucs might as well hang onto Orlovsky.