Martz: Saints similar to 'Greatest Show on Turf'

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

Mike Martz recently was a guest on ESPN Radio St. Louis and he was asked to compare the New Orleans offense to the “Greatest Show on Turf’’ he ran with the Rams.

Martz, who never has lacked for ego, favored the Rams of his day, but said the Saints compare pretty well.

“Well I think they’re very similar,’’ Martz said.” I think the track is very quick that they play on down there. I do think that the multiple receivers that they have, I don’t know if any one of the receivers is of the quality that we had in our top two guys. But the quarterback (Drew Brees) is obviously a great player, he can get the ball out quick. I think they do so much that’s really hard to defend because they’ve got the quick step, the deep drop, the hard play-actions, they formation, they do all those things so well I think there’s a lot of similarities that I like to think we did as well.

Martz said the biggest difference is at running back.

“ They don’t have Marshall Faulk -- they just don’t have him. And I think that is probably the single most difference. And obviously Kurt (Warner) -- you know how biased I am to our guys, so I just always felt like we had better players. But I love (Sean) Payton and what he’s doing. I think he’s very creative; I think he’s the top offensive mind in the league right now. He takes advantage of his talent and the offensive line is real good. They had that left tackle go down, they just filled in the ranks and kind of kept motoring. So they’re going to score a lot of points and I do believe they’ll be in the Super Bowl. I think they have a real chance of doing that and that would be my pick.’

With all due respect to Martz, I’ll take Brees over Kurt Warner in his prime any day. I won’t argue with him about Faulk, but I think the Saints have a nice combination at running back with Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush.