Could Wes Welker fit with Buccaneers?

When it comes to free agency, there’s only one NFC South fan base that should be letting its mind wander too far.

That’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are about $32 million under the salary cap and that number could get to $40 million if cornerback Eric Wright is released.

Although general manager Mark Dominik has thrown out hints the Bucs won’t make as big a splash in free agency as they did last year, they still will be players.

In this Insider post, KC Joyner lists five potential landing spots for wide receiver Wes Welker if he doesn’t re-sign with the New England Patriots. The Buccaneers are on that list.

That doesn’t mean Dominik is definitely planning on going after Welker. But think about the possibilities.

Welker would be a nice fit in an offense that already has Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams as its top two receiving threats. Last season, the Bucs didn’t have much beyond those two.

Throw Welker into the mix (and maybe add a pass-catching tight end) and Tampa Bay suddenly could have the ingredients for a high-octane passing game.

Quarterback Josh Freeman is headed into a contract year. The Bucs want to see Freeman succeed. The best way to assure that happens is to surround him with talent and Welker could give the Bucs an element they lacked last season.