Film of the NFC South chat

Let's take a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat:


CP: Start it off Early my friend! Happy Friday. Over/under on Matt Ryan and a $20M contract? Any chance you think he gives the Falcons some relief so they can actually field a team in the future?

Pat Yasinskas: I think he gets right around $20 million per year. But I think it will be structured as cap friendly as possible.

Joe (Portland, Maine): Do you think Eddie Lacy is still a possibility? Or has Jackson completely eliminated that? Additionally who is the runningback of the future? Is it Jaquizz or do you think the Falcons will look elsewhere when Jackson is done?

PY: I think you can count out Lacy. But wouldn't be surprised to see them take a shot on an RB in the middle rounds. They could take Lattimore and put him on the shelf for a year to get healthy.


Ben (Atlanta): Pat - what do you think of the moves Gettleman has made so far? Personally, given the mess he inherited, I think he has made good, low risk moves with a lot of potential.

PY: Low risk, but I don't see a huge amount of upside with any of those guys. But we knew going in that they wouldn't be able to make any big splash in free agency.

Rick (Charlotte,NC): Pat...your thoughts on Carolina signing Ted Ginn...?

PY: Should help the return game. Not sure he'll have much impact as a WR.


Charles (houston, tx): Pat please help me get rid of my pain and tell me whats taking the Saints so long to sign Nnamdi and Victor Butler?

PY: Nnamdi's choosing between Niners and Saints and Butler is still visiting with Saints. Think there's a shot at both.

AP (not Adrian Peterson) (LA): Pat... How much salary cap do the saints have?

PY: Haven't seen the new Herring deal yet. But before that they were right about $3 million under.


Harry (Babylon, NY): Pat - there is a lot of posturing from the Jets, Bucs and Revis camps to the point where it is hard to root for any of them. Do you see a Revis trade happening before the draft or will the back and forth continue until one side finally gives in?

PY: Just my guess, I think it drags on for a while. Think it might happen right before draft.

Frank (Jersey): What makes you believe Bowers legal situation will work itself out. He tried to bring a handgun onto a plane in one of the stirctest gun control states. Buress got two years for that and shooting himself.

PY: I'm no legal expert, but Bucs officials keep telling me they don't think he'll face jail time. In fact, they seem very confident about that.

Here’s the complete transcript of the NFC South chat.