Falcons set to cut Clabo, clear cap room

The Atlanta Falcons pulled a bit of a surprise Thursday morning. They’re in the process of releasing starting right tackle Tyson Clabo.

He has started every game since 2008, but this is an economic move. The Falcons are only about $2 million under the salary cap and will need more than that to eventually sign their draft picks.

In the short term, Clabo’s release will clear up only about $900,000 in cap space. But the significant thing here is that Clabo will be designated as a June 1 release. After June 1, Clabo’s release will free up about $4.5 million.

What does this mean on the field?

It could mean the Falcons think Lamar Holmes, a third-round pick last year, is ready to start. As of now, he and Mike Johnson would compete for the starting spot. But the Falcons also could look for a tackle in the upcoming draft.