Film of the NFC South chat

Time to take a look at the team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat:


David (Atlanta): any chance the falcons go after revis?

Pat Yasinskas: No, absolutely no chance. They wouldn't be able to pay him and Matt Ryan both.

Dave (NY): Hi Pat, the general consensus seems to be that Clabo was cut because of cap-issues - but what about the simple fact that he was cut because The Falcons simply just want to get a younger O-line (Kontz already replacing McClure)?

PY: There's some truth to that. And people that know more about o-line play than I do seem to think Clabo's play dropped off last season.

Matt (NJ) [via mobile]: Do you think John Abraham will be falcon by the start of the season

PY: I really doubt it. I think once you make a decision like that it's final.


Tyler (Panthers fan) (In Class): I entirely agree with your article on Williams and Stewart. It was so frustrating for me watching that first half of the season. Let Cam be a qb and let double trouble do their thing. What are shula's tendencies when it comes to offense? will he do just that?

PY: I'm looking forward to seeing Shula's offense. I think he's a better coach than people in Tampa Bay and Alabama give him credit for. He worked with what he had to work with in those places. He's got the talent to have an explosive offense now. I don't see him being nearly as conservative as he was in the past.

JM (Charlotte): Panthers can't afford to keep the RB trio can they?

PY: They have so far, which surprised me. If they're going to trade anyone, Williams is the one that makes most sense.

Murph (Charlotte) [via mobile]: What do the Panthers have to do To get DeAngelo to see That restructuring is the best thing for him?

PY: Give him money up front and don't ask him to take a cut in pay. In other words, convert most of his base salary into signing bonus money.


Todd (New Orleans): Pat, what have you heard about Nnamdi Asomugha's reasons for choosing the 49ers over the Saints?

PY: Think he just wanted to get back to Bay Area.

Stout or Porter? (In Bruges): How much of a rebound do you see from the Saints this year?

PY: Potential is there for a big rebound. They obviously have the offense. Just need to get up a little better on defense.

Steve A (Ventura CA): Pat, I'm a big Saints fan and I read you blog daily. Do you see Clabo pulling a Lofton and going over to the Saints? Even though he's older and not great, I see him being a good fit because of his price tag and the fact that the Saints have solid guards to pair him up with, like Strief. Thoughts?

PY: I would not totally rule that out. Think he could fit there. Problem is the salary cap. Saints really have very little room to work with and I think some other teams are willing to pay Clabo decent money.


Preston (New York): I'm tired of the Bucs-Jets rumblings involving Revis. At this point, would it be more of less expensive for the Bucs to trade up high enough to get Dee Milliner? Younger, no ACL injury, and much cheaper. Win?

PY: It is tiring. But sometimes that's how this league works. You've got to be patient to get the best deal. Revis is proven. But I don't think that trading up for Milliner is a bad idea.

Eddie(go bucs) (Saint louis): Any truth to the rumor us fans have created about a revis and tebow trade since we don't have a back up qb?

PY: You think Tebow's a QB? I don't.

Scott (Northglenn, CO): Any reason to be concerned about Doug Martin regressing his second year? More focus on him?

PY: Doubt it. He'll have his two Pro Bowl guards back and that should make him even better.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.