Plan B for the Buccaneers at CB?

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are losing patience with the New York Jets about a potential trade for Darrelle Revis, which has been reported, I’d like to throw out a possible alternative. This is just my hypothetical scenario, but I think it makes a lot of sense.

Maybe the Bucs should hang loose until draft day and see how things start to unfold. If Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner is still on the board at No. 5 or 6, maybe the Bucs should forget Revis and trade up to draft Milliner.

They’d be getting a top-notch cornerback (although there’s no guarantee he’ll be anywhere near as good as a healthy Revis). Coach Greg Schiano seems to like defensive backs from Alabama (he drafted safety Mark Barron last year). And the cost of a trade up to take Milliner wouldn’t be as costly as the likely price of a Revis deal. More importantly, thanks to the slotted structure of rookie contracts, the Bucs wouldn’t have to pay Milliner nearly as much as they would have to pay Revis.

I’ve got a hunch the Revis situation is still in play. Negotiations always can change with one phone call.

But trading up for Milliner might not be a bad Plan B for the Bucs. If they stay put at No. 13, Milliner will be gone and I don’t know if Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes would provide good value at that point. If the Bucs trade up for Milliner, they’d be getting the best cornerback in the draft and a much needed instant starter.