Film of the NFC South chat

Although it was dominated by talk of a potential trade by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get cornerback Darrelle Revis, Friday's NFC South chat drew all sorts of good questions from all around the division (that even included a question about Revis and another team). Let's take a look at some of the team-by-team highlights:


Cory in idaho [via mobile]: I don't understand why Atlanta isn't going after revis. I get that he costs a lot of money and demands a huge contract. But our two biggest problems last year were qb pressure and coverage. He would help both out instantly. We won't be getting any pro bowlers with the late first round pick or second round pick, let's trade them away for revis. Ask Matt Ryan to take a smaller contract for the better of the team. Agree or disagree?

Pat Yasinskas: There's no way they can pay Revis and Ryan both long term. Idea of a guy taking one for the team is nice and Matt's as nice a guy as there is, but he's not going to play for peanuts. Also, try selling his agent on that idea.

CP (Brooklyn, NY): Would you be shocked if the Falcons traded up to get Millner, if somehow he slipped to the 6-10 range? They are in a win now mode!

PY: Wouldn't be totally shocked. They did something similar a couple years ago with Julio.

coop4braves (Charlotte) [via mobile]: Any chance the Honey Badger falls far enough for the Falcons to grab him in the 2nd or 3rd round? And would TD and Smith take a chance on him and his past?

PY: Think they might have opportunity to grab him, but suspect Smith and Dimitroff would probably pass.


Matt (Baltimore): Do you see the Panthers struggling for a few seasons as we get out from under some of the cap problems we've accumulated recently?

PY: I think they have enough talent to turn things around, if a few things break differently than last year. Cupboard is not bare.

Kevin J (PA): Pat basically every mock draft I’ve seen lately has Carolina taking Sheldon Richardson at 14. Do you think he is the most likely player to be picked by the Panthers at that spot?

PY: Yeah, I do think Richardson is the logical choice. But I'll throw out one alternative option that's kind of growing on me -- Kenny Vaccaro.


Michael (nv): with some of the big linebackers that were available in FA why not cut vilma and smith and go after one. Smith is not great and vilma is in decline

PY: If they were going to cut them, they would have done that back in March instead of restructuring both their contracts. However, I will say I think they would have been better off cutting them then. Could have made a fresh start on rebuilding the defense.

Who Dat (NOLA): Do you see the Saints still willing to trade Pierre Thomas or Chris Ivory or will they be returning next year?

PY: Think it's possible they could look for a trade. They could use the draft picks.

charles (houston): Hey Pat any chance the Saints move up and grab Jordan

PY: Not sure Saints are in a position to be trading up.


stone (tampa): why not hold off on revis and trade up for milliner this year, then attempt a trade for revis later in the season for next years pics after we have seen revis in action still knowing the jets dont want to resign him, that is if we would even need revis at that point?

PY: That's something I think Bucs should at least consider. No guarantee Milliner is going to be anywhere near as good as a healthy Revis. But Revis may not be the same guy he was before. Cost of getting Milliner also would be less -- both in draft picks and salary.

Stephen (Valrico, Florida): Hi Pat... Even though the Bucs resigned Dan O, do you believe they will sign a free agent QB or draft one? Thanks!

PY: Think there will be another QB added in some way. My guess is a mid-round draft pick.

Jason (Charlotte): I've seen several mock drafts that have the Bucs taking Tavon Austin. With such need in both the secondary and Dline, is this really a strong possibility?

PY: I doubt it. They're already pretty well set at WR. Plus, they have big money tied up in Vincent Jackson and probably will be giving Mike Williams a new deal before too long.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.