Film of the NFC South chat

As we wait for the NFL draft to resume in a few hours, let’s take a quick team-by-team look at some of the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Zach (Starkville): What do you see as the Falcons biggest need now that the CB hole has been filled?

Pat Yasinskas: Don't see any remaining huge need areas. All about depth now. Maybe D-line, maybe LB, maybe a TE and maybe one more offensive tackle. That's about it.

Eliot (NY, NY) [via mobile]: Confidence Holmes/Johnson will be able to start in place of Clabo next season?

PY: Not sure. Offseason isn't over yet. Could see one more guy brought into the mix.


Tyler (In Class): Pat, Gruden seems to think Mathieu is the best corner in the draft. What if carolina takes him in the 2nd? he could play safety as well couldnt he?

PY: Not sure Jerry Richardson would sign off on that one.

Norris Gastonia, N.C. [via mobile]: Hey Pat! What do you feel are biggest needs for the Panthers to address in today's rounds and who do you see them drafting? Thanks!

PY: Secondary. Not sure they can trade up. They only have four picks remaining.


Tony (Richmond, Calif.): Should the Saints have gone with a LB or DL instead of taking Vaccaro when they did?

PY: You could make that argument. And a part of me believes they should have gone with a pass-rusher. But Vaccaro is versatile and he'll help a secondary that needs help.

Will (NOLA) [via mobile]: Think the Saints try to get into the 2nd round? And do you think The Chris Ivory trade is coming today or tomorrow?

PY: I think a Chris Ivory trade will come at some point during the draft. But don't think the Saints have the resources to get into the second round.


Andrew (Annapolis MD): Do you think Blount will be traded during the draft? If so, what's logical compensation?

PY: Think it certainly is well known that he's available. But doubt they'll get more than a 6th or 7th round pick.

Mike from mass [via mobile]: I disagree with the TE pick for tampa and am convinced they will take a D lineman what are some good options for tampa on the D line?

PY: I wouldn't argue with d-line. Margus Hunt or Carradine or a DT.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.