Live from the Superdome

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

NEW ORLEANS -- I’ve arrived at the Superdome, where it’s very quiet right now.

The only people on the field are the SaintSations (cheerleaders) warming up and four members of the Panthers. They’re not in uniform yet, but I can pick out reserve quarterback Matt Moore playing catch, and long-snapper J.J. Jansen also is out there.

I’ve got the Atlanta-Washington game on the television by my spot in the press box and will keep a close eye on that one. I’ll also try to check out Tampa Bay’s game.

I’ll be back with a lot more on the Saints and Panthers as we get closer to game time. I’ve got some radio duties and a few housekeeping things to take care of in the next little bit. But I’ll also be jumping in on NFL Nation Live from time to time.