NFC South fantasy rankings

Christopher Harris recently put out his fantasy rankings for the 2013 season. For the most part, I agree with his placement of the NFC South players.

But let’s run through my list (as it stands right now) of the NFC South players at each offensive skill position. And let’s keep in mind that this list is coming strictly from a fantasy perspective.


  • Drew Brees, Saints. The numbers are always good and they could be even better with Sean Payton returning to the sidelines.

  • Matt Ryan, Falcons. I think the addition of a running game will only make Ryan more productive as a passer.

  • Cam Newton, Panthers. Harris had Newton just ahead of Ryan. But I’m giving Ryan the slight edge.

  • Josh Freeman, Buccaneers. I’m higher on Freeman than Harris is. Still, Freeman is a clear No. 4 in the division from a fantasy perspective.


  • Doug Martin, Buccaneers. If your league is running-back friendly, Martin might be the No. 1 player in the entire division.

  • Steven Jackson, Falcons. He might not be what he was in his prime with the Rams, but I still think Jackson is going to put up some solid numbers.

  • DeAngelo Williams, Panthers. Call it a hunch and nothing more, but I’m expecting a bigger year from Williams than I am from teammate Jonathan Stewart. That’s largely because Williams is more durable and versatile.


  • Julio Jones, Falcons. He’s been good, but I think this is the year he becomes great.

  • Roddy White, Falcons. I expect his numbers will be only slightly less than what Jones puts up.

  • Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers. He’s a deep threat and Freeman can throw the long ball.

  • Steve Smith, Panthers. He still is the No. 1 threat in Carolina’s passing game.

  • Marques Colston, Saints. His numbers tend to get watered down because the Saints spread the ball around so much.

  • Mike Williams, Buccaneers. A very strong No. 2 option in the passing game.

  • Lance Moore, Saints. With a little less depth than in the past, Moore’s numbers could increase slightly.

  • Brandon LaFell, Panthers. Won’t put up huge numbers, but can provide solid depth in a fantasy league.


  • Jimmy Graham, Saints. Could be the best fantasy tight end in the league if he can cut down on the drops that plagued him last year.

  • Tony Gonzalez, Falcons. Still should be good for 80 or 90 catches.

  • Greg Olsen, Panthers. I see him as a top-10 tight end, but he isn’t quite on the level of Graham and Gonzalez.

  • Luke Stocker, Buccaneers. Not likely to put up big numbers in an offense that doesn’t ask its tight ends to catch a lot of passes.