Blank: Falcons fine with either stadium site

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- One of the last hurdles for the Atlanta Falcons' proposed new stadium is deciding on an exact site.

It’s down to two locations, both near the Georgia Dome. The Falcons have said all along that the South site is the one they prefer. But team owner Arthur Blank said Thursday night that the Falcons also would be fine if the stadium is built on the North side.

“It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle because there are a lot of moving parts,’’ Blank said. “It’s a large project and it’s very complex. The Georgia Congress Center has been a great partner for us and they have two sites on their campus and they both work for us. We’re just as happy with South versus North or the North versus the South.’’

There are two churches currently in existence on the South site and their futures haven’t been determined.

“The issue with the South is these two churches,’’ Blank said. “It’s their decision. If the churches decide that it’s in their best interest to sell their churches and move elsewhere or consolidate with other churches, great. If not in their best interest, they shouldn’t do it and I would encourage them to not do it. It’s really their call. I’d be just as happy on either site.’’

Blank said the Falcons haven’t done as much homework on the North site, but are in the process of catching up. Blank said both sites are well positioned in regards to the city’s mass transit system.

“The South site was the preferred site, primarily because of the two MARTA sites being right there,’’ Blank said. “But the North site has three MARTA stops within .7 miles and it’s very accessible. From a stadium positioning stand point, it’s more optimal. We’ll continue to work hard on both.’’