Atlanta Falcons low on fan equity?

The Atlanta Falcons have had five straight winning seasons, but they rank near the bottom of the league when it comes to fan loyalty and support.

At least that’s according to a study by Emory University. Only the Oakland Raiders were ranked below the Falcons. The survey is based on box-office revenues relative to on-field success, market population stadium capacity, median income and other factors.

I’m shocked that the Falcons came in worse than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have struggled to sell out their home games in recent years. Tampa Bay came in at No. 29.

Although they haven’t had a winning since 2008, the Carolina Panthers came in at No. 15. I think part of that might be because the Panthers are the only show in Charlotte (I know the NBA’s Bobcats are there, but does anybody really care?).

Not surprisingly, the New Orleans Saints came in with the best fan equity rating in the division. The Saints are No. 4, behind only the Cowboys, Patriots and Jets.