Josh Freeman focused on regular season

As we held our first Buccaneers-only chat session Wednesday, the top topic -- by far -- was quarterback Josh Freeman.

Understandably, a lot of fans are concerned because Freeman hasn’t looked very good this preseason. Some were even calling for rookie Mike Glennon to take Freeman’s place.

About the same time we were fielding those questions, Freeman was asked how he stays focused when he’s being criticized.

“It’s pretty simple for me; I don’t pay it a lot of attention, really (not) any,’’ Freeman told the media. “I’ve got to come in here once a week, and every now and then someone will shoot me a text saying ‘Hey did you see what so-and-so said.’ I’m not really worried about that. I’m just solely focused on being the best quarterback I can be for the Buccaneers.”

That’s a healthy attitude and, really, the only attitude Freeman should take. He can’t afford to get wrapped up in thinking about what he has or hasn’t done in the preseason.

And the preseason is over for Freeman. He said he won’t play in Thursday night’s exhibition finale with the Washington Redskins. Freeman said his focus now is on the regular-season-opener against the New York Jets.

Despite the preseason woes, Freeman said he thinks the offense accomplished what it needed to.

“Not necessarily on [preseason game days],’’ Freeman said. “Just from the standpoint of adding pieces to our offense or from a practice standpoint. When you go out on preseason you’re very limited on your call list, on what you’re trying to run and accomplish. I feel like we got to mix it up personnel-wise and got to see what some guys will do in a game-like situation. I definitely think this year’s camp was great for me.”