Guess who was No. 32 in total offense?

I always say never read too much into what happens in the preseason. But there are some exceptions to my rule of thumb.

Those come when a team is particularly good or bad in a certain area. In the case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they were particularly bad on offense.

The league-wide preseason statistics are out and the Bucs finished No. 32 in overall offense. They also were No. 32 in passing offense and No. 22 in rushing offense.

Is it time to panic? No. The Bucs obviously were keeping their offense bland in the preseason and they’ll spice it up in the regular season. Is it a cause for concern? A little bit. You’d like to see a team at least execute the basics well and the Bucs didn’t do that with any consistency.

The Bucs ranked No. 22 in overall defense (No. 18 against the run and No. 21 against the pass).