Something to drown your sorrows in

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Let's take a break from the strategy of discussing the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills to discuss something many fans really can wrap their arms around.


According to research by TeamMarketing.com 2013 NFL Fan Cost Index, the beer at Carolina's Bank of America Stadium is the lowest per ounce in the league at 27 cents.

That would be a great buy for fans who haven't seen their team make the playoffs since 2008. Unfortunately, it's not quite the bargain TeamMarketing.com reported based on misinformation it apparently was provided.

According to information the Panthers supplied to the Charlotte Observer, the cheapest deal is a 20-ounce beer for $7.50. That comes to 37.5 cents an ounce, which ranks as the fourth-cheapest ahead of Miami (35 cents), New Orleans (35 cents) and Tampa Bay (36 cents).

Dallas and Detroit, by the way, ranked No. 1 at 53 cents an ounce.

So Carolina beer prices still are a pretty good bargain, and much deserved when you consider what fans have endured on the field the past four seasons.