Saints better built to attack Cover 2

Great insight from ESPN's John Clayton in this week's First and 10 column on how the New Orleans Saints' offense is better built now to bust the Chicago Bears' Cover 2 defense than in years past.

The emergence of new weapons Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles has made the Saints' offense more potent against all NFL defenses. But in the past, the Saints' offense seemed to have the most trouble with Cover 2 defenses -- a big part of why they lost three straight road games at Chicago from 2006-2008.

As I wrote after the Saints' 38-17 victory against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, the Saints' offense became a whole different monster in 2011 when Graham and Sproles emerged as their two most dynamic playmakers in the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era. That's why I thought the Saints would still be successful in 2012 without Payton around. But Graham and Sproles battled injuries last season, and Payton clearly has a knack for putting them in the best positions to exploit mismatches.

On Monday night, it sure looked like they were back in 2011 form -- a scary proposition for the Bears or any other defense.

Also, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski has updated his NFL quarterback rankingsInsider from this summer. He’s moved Brees up to No. 3, where he belongs, after a head-scratching decision to place Brees at No. 6 heading into the season.