Buccaneers report: A new vantage point

TAMPA, Fla. -- Very quietly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have changed the vantage point of offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan.

Previously, Sullivan had worked from the field during games. But Sullivan moved to the press box for Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia and apparently will stay there.

“In the bye week, we talked about everything,’’ coach Greg Schiano said. “That was one of the subjects we talked about. I think the ability to be able to see everything was something that we thought would give us a chance to be better. I liked it.’’

Sullivan said he worked out of the press box in previous stops with the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants.

“I know from all those years being up in the press box, there’s a perspective and a vantage point that you get that I felt that would be beneficial,’’ Sullivan said. “I just switched with John McNulty who is the quarterback coach. He’s now on the field so I was relaying the calls into him. It’s something that gives an added vantage point that I think is helpful from the standpoint of not seeing it ground level but having that bird’s eye view, so to speak.’’

In other news, Schiano said that running back/return man Jeff Demps had surgery on his groin Thursday. Schiano said it’s too early to tell how long Demps will be out for. Wide receiver Mike Williams (hamstring) and guard Davin Joseph (knee) took part in Thursday’s practice.