Power Rankings: No. 31 Tampa Bay

A weekly examination of the Buccaneers' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 19 | Last Week: 31 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

The latest ESPN.com Power Rankings are out and the best -- and worst -- thing you can say about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that they’re consistent.

After a loss to Carolina on Thursday night, the winless Bucs came in at No. 31 for the second straight week. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a firm grip on No. 32.

But the Bucs are only a Jacksonville win away from No. 32. Tampa Bay has earned its ranking with inept play.

I think it’s getting to the point where you can argue that the Bucs are the most disappointing team in the league. A team with the likes of Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn, Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson shouldn’t be this bad. But the Bucs have been every bit as bad as their record indicates.