No helping hands from Bucs?

TAMPA, Fla. -- The latest news-of-the-weird note in a season that’s been filled with them comes from Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

In an interview with 620 WDAE-AM, McCoy said assistant coaches have discouraged him from helping opponents get up after plays.

“I had my D-line coaches get on to me the other day,” McCoy said. “Well, not get on to me, try to get on to me. There’s no way they’re going to get on to me for this. They got upset with my because I helped somebody up. So what? I don’t care. Kiss my butt. Listen, if I want to help somebody, I’m going help somebody up. Because right on the next play I’m going to knock him down again. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.’’

Give McCoy credit for sticking to his beliefs and showing good sportsmanship. And chalk up another strike against a Tampa Bay coaching staff that has been taking plenty of hits. In some cases, I think the criticism of the coaching staff has been unjustified. In this case, it is totally justified. If a guy is knocking his opponent down at the start of a play, he has every right to help that guy up after the play.