Vilma sings Cadillac's praises

New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma has been doing some scouting this season. He’s filing scouting reports on opponents on his Playmaker Mobile page. He had some high praise for Tampa Bay running back Cadillac Williams on Thursday.

Here’s what Vilma wrote about Williams:

“He has got to be one of the toughest guys mentally to go through what he went through. He had TWO patellar tendon surgeries. One on each knee. To come back from that is tough. It says a lot about him, his character, his personality. He's a tough-minded guy and a tough-minded running back, and when you watch him play you see that tough-mindedness come out of him. You see him stiff-arm, fight for the extra yards, run people over. He still has speed. I don't think he has all his speed and quickness back yet but he gets a little better each week and each game, and he's getting more comfortable at running back. I know me, being a football fan, if you watched him run a few years back, along with Ronnie Brown, down at Auburn, I mean, it was a helluva 1-2 combination and he was a focal point of that. He's getting back to that and I love the way he runs. I respect and admire his determination.’’