Saints' Brees says hand is fine

ST. LOUIS -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had his right throwing hand wrapped in ice as he addressed the media following the Saints' 27-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams. But he suggested it was nothing serious. And Brees played the entire game without any indication of an injury issue.

It was simply worth noting since that's the most important body part on the Saints' roster.

Brees had a rough day all around. He threw two interceptions in the first quarter, lost a fumble on a sack and was sacked a total of four times. The Saints' pass protection struggled to the point where left tackle Charles Brown was benched during the third quarter.

Brees did rally the Saints in the fourth quarter, but it was too little, too late. He finished 39-of-56 passing for 393 yards, one touchdown and two picks.

"Well, it didn't help that we had the turnover on the first play. And you want to talk about just kind of waking the whole place up. That did it," Brees said of what went wrong Sunday. "And the second interception down in the red zone, just that can't happen. You're down there, an opportunity to get points, no need to try to force it. So that was on me. And then from there, it was just ... I look at the stat sheet, and we were in the red zone six times. Six times, and we come away with 16 points.

"That's not us. That can't be us, if we want to play well and win. We've gotta find a way to improve that."