Mike Sullivan won't discuss Army rumors

TAMPA, Fla. -- One of the things that I’ve learned in covering the NFL is that where there is smoke, there often is fire.

That’s why I think there might be something to the speculative reports that Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan might be a candidate for the head coaching job at Army. Sullivan wouldn’t even go near that topic when asked about it on Wednesday.

“There’s an appropriate time and place for all those type of answers to those questions,’’ Sullivan said. “I think right now, especially where we’re at offensively and some of the challenges we have and what faces us this Sunday at St. Louis, I’d like if we could just focus the questions on the Rams.’’

Sullivan’s answer did not confirm or deny anything, but it certainly left the Army door open as a possibility. Although Tampa Bay currently has the league’s No. 32 offense, there are a lot of other very logical reasons why Army could be looking at Sullivan.

He’s a West Point grad and played football there. He also has done two stints as an Army assistant coach.