Williams says McAlister a perfect fit

New Orleans’ Gregg Williams isn’t just a good defensive coordinator. He’s also a very good quote.

Williams had a good assessment and some high praise for the Saints’ front office as he met with the media Thursday. Williams was spot-on when he said the Saints made the right move in going out and signing veteran cornerback Chris McAlister, instead of just sitting still, after injuries to starting cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter.

The Saints did exactly what any team with its eyes on the Super Bowl should have done.

“I think it’s another compliment to the organization that I’m learning about being involved with this organization,’’ Williams said. “I’ve been at places where you just did without. All of a sudden you get one of those defensive tackles to play corner or something like that. We always have a short list. I think Ryan Pace and his group [in the scouting department] upstairs do a tremendous job on who’s on the short list and bringing them in. I selfishly like veterans at this time of the year because I don’t have to catch them up as much. There are certain things he already knows about the National Football League, so we’ll just have to wait and see. He fits in well.’’