NFLN survey/franchise player: Saints

Players across NFL locker rooms were faced with the same conundrum as the Indianapolis Colts two years ago – Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck? Ultimately, they voted to try to “win now.”

Both of those names came up frequently when I presented this question to players in the New Orleans Saints’ locker room (since they weren’t allowed to vote for Drew Brees). Clearly, the one thing that most players did seem to agree on was that the smartest plan for team building is to start with a quarterback, one way or the other.

Brees got a little love around the league, finishing seventh in the voting. But he was caught in no-man’s land, losing “veteran” votes to Manning and Tom Brady and losing some of the younger QB votes to Luck and Aaron Rodgers. Still, I think whichever team wound up picking seventh in this draft would be pretty happy with the results over the next five years.