NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Panthers

What about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton?

No surprise. New England's Tom Brady was selected the quarterback most players in the NFL would want with two minutes remaining and the game on the line.

No surprise. Denver's Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers were next on the list.

That's pretty much the way it went with the 10 Carolina Panthers I surveyed for this report. Brady and Rodgers had three votes each, with Manning receiving two.

New Orleans' Drew Brees and Eli Manning of the New York Giants also received a vote. I loved the comment by the player who voted for Eli.

"He pulls stuff out of his a--,'' he said.

Here is a surprise. Newton didn't receive a vote from anybody surveyed on the other 31 teams.

It's a surprise because Newton directed four fourth-quarter game-winning drives this season. Three he engineered in the final two minutes, including wins over Brady and the Patriots and Brees and the Saints.

So while the third-year quarterback proved a lot this season, he still has a lot to prove.